Iso Instant Slimming Oil


Instant Slimming Oil (ISO) is a tried and tested ayurvedic massage oil that helps reduce extra body fat and achieve toned body. Packed with the blend of potent ayurvedic herbs like guggulu, vach, black pepper, etc. this oil promotes natural weight loss without any side effects.


ISO – Ayurvedic fine crushed oil, To achieve a thinner effect. Mix with Iso Instant Slimming Oil , homegrown oil in a fake stomach until the beginning of the day before dinner and two hours after that.

In any case, apply 5 ml of ISO on your abdomen and palm on both sides of the abdomen for approximately 8 to 10 minutes, until the skin completely retains the oil.Iso Instant Slimming Oil

ISO – Ayurvedic fine crushed oil,

Moment Slimming Oil (ISO) is a proven Ayurvedic condensed oil that reduces muscle mass and removes excess body fat from conditioned fat. Organize the use of strong Ayurvedic herbs such as gogolos, clocks, peppers, etc. without any reaction to this oil. Promotes regular weight loss. They eat the fat stored in your fat, which focuses on fat stores and cellulite. In addition, it speeds up the use of unhealthy fats in various parts of the body, such as the hips, abdomen and thighs, and helps you adapt as quickly as possible.

Two hours before the start of the day and then two hours before dinner, rub the ISO home oil on the stomach to meet the thin effect.

Put 5 ml of ISO in any measure on the abdomen and palm of your hand and rub it on both sides of the abdomen for 8 to 10 minutes until the skin is completely greased.

Similarly, the thighs, upper and back waist, shoulders and upper arms can be folded to reduce excess fat stored in these areas.

The use of ISO can be maintained to maintain the condition of the body and not allow fat cells to be stored again.

  • “Ayurvedic” – Approved by the Ayush Ministry. – Free of false fixations, fragrances, dyes, parabens, recipes or brutal fixings – This dirty oil is found in the skin and tries to eliminate this part of cellulite. , Gooseberry, known for presenting cancer prevention agents. Repair the skin, highlight the signatures.

I tried a deep Ayurvedic plan based on roots and type A, ready to be used to attack strong herbs, homemade salty groceries and cellulite, which makes it used for inflammation. ۔

Slim Sutra Ayurvedic

Promote and treat weight using accumulated fat and excess water. Harad’s cell is superior to its reinforcing properties.

Amla and rock salt, these oil firms, skin and conditions. Harad, Amla and rock salt level minerals to reduce weight, which makes desires difficult and expels fat cells.

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