Ajwa khajoor powder benefits dates price paste seed


Ajwa khajoor powder benefits dates price paste seed

Ajwa khajoor powder benefits dates price paste seed ajwa khajoor online ajwa dates powder ajwa  khajoor buy health freedom from diabetes infertility heart Sugar or diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are serious diseases and everyone have these.only one solution for these,Ajwa dates.

Ajwa dates powder benfits

It’s a matter of balancing everything. healthy food choices are important for good health, and eating well means choosing a variety of nutrient-packed foods.We intrduced ajwa seed as nutrient-packed food.Its stops all these diseases.

Like testing unique ingredients to create a special recipe, the formula for a successful health is complicated, and often the result of trial and error, hits and misses.From Paleo to low carb and gluten free diets, there is something for everyone.

You don’t have to go out and worry about how the meals are made,ajwa powder is a complete natural product and made for pure healthy porpuse.

While “eat local” use that formula to decrease your diseases.

When the researchers looked at fatal heart events, they found no major difference in risk between the O and non-O blood groups.

“Most of a person’s risk estimation is determined by age, genetics (family history and ethnicity) and other modifiable risk factors including diet, weight, level of physical activity, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

“That includes taking sensible steps to improve their diet, weight, level of physical activity and not smoking, and where needed, manage blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.”

There are a number of factors which can increase the risk of heart disease, such as smoking, being overweight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

These are all things we can do something about – unlike our blood group.

The findings could help doctors better understand who is at risk of developing heart disease, the researchers said.

But a heart charity said people should focus on giving up smoking and eating healthily to reduce their risk.


The second study, conducted by the same researchers, examined more than 4,000 participants who underwent magnetic resonance imaging, psychological tests, and food frequency questionnaires. The research team found that Ajwa date product for above problems, ajwa dates powder is tested and no harmful effects .

According to the experts, brain shrinkage is correlated to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The study also revealed that participants who consumed one or two sugary drinks a day displayed reduced brain volume equivalent to 1.6 years of normal aging, and lower memory scores equivalent to 5.8 years of aging. Participants who consumed more than two sugary drinks per day exhibited brain volume declines equivalent to two years of normal aging, and lower memory test scores equivalent to 11 years of aging.

ajwa khajoor  basically  helpfull for all above mentioned problems.

Ajwa khajoor powder

A large number of studies have previously established a correlation between and Alzheimer’s disease risk. An animal study published in 2013 demonstrated that consuming sugary drinks resulted in brain changes that signal Alzheimer’s disease onset.

The research team observed that the rats given the sugary water solution were more hyperactive compared to the control group. The experts examined the animals’ orbital frontal cortex and found that nearly 300 proteins were altered in the brains of rats given sugary water. The researchers did not observe the same effect in the control group. “This is a lot more change than we anticipated…The results are telling us that sugar exposure has the potential to alter a lot of diverse biological processes and play a role in neurological disorders — much more than we expected. We can’t say from this work that these changes are causing the associated diseases, but it’s a warning that we need to look more.

Ajwa dates or seed is much cheaper than any surgary.And much advanced tested formula.

Another animal study revealed that mice given the equivalent of five cans of sugary drinks a day exhibited worse memories compared with the controls. The research team  also found that mice given high-sugar drinks showed more than twice as many amyloid plaque deposits as those in the controls. Amyloid plaque deposits serve as red flags for Alzheimer’s disease onset. The results demonstrate the potential role of sugar in disease development, and that cutting back on sugar consumption may help mitigate this risk.

At last it is a revolutionaly product for solving many diseases problem.

How to used Ajwa khajoor powder benefits dates price paste seed

  •  take one spoon daily in morning with milk or water for 15 days.


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