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Orthayu Rewiews

Othayu reduces the pain quickly and avoids the digestive disorders that can result from the taking of an oral analgesic. Sufficeful in many cases, however, it can, if the pain resists, be associated with paracetamol or, more effectively, with a orally, in the absence of contraindication (peptic ulcer disease). taking anticoagulants).
In case of severe pain,When the joint is swollen and painful, cold and / or Othayu containing NSAIDs are particularly effective.
Othayu causing vasoconstriction, reduces local inflammation and edema. It also brings immediate pain relief.
The Othayu also reduces inflammation and pain, and its action lasts several hours.
Finally, another interesting component, silicon, essential for the regeneration of cartilage and recommended especially in osteoarthritis.

Orthayu Price In Pakistan 2500/-PKR

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